Proyecto del mes de agosto en sourceforge.

Se nota que tengo ojo a la hora de elegir un tema para realizar un trabajo. August Project of the Month (POTM): Bochs

Emulating a CPU in software is quite a trick. A programmer has to fool
the operating system, and the software running on top of the operating
system, into believing that it is on genuine hardware. This requires
meticulously emulating every single instruction and mode that the CPU
has to offer, which is immensely complex.’s August 2004
project of the month is Bochs, a x86 emulator (386, 486, Pentium and
Pentium Pro). Its emulation is robust enough to allow Linux, Windows
95, and Windows NT to run on top of it. The emulator runs under many
hardware platforms and operating systems, including Windows, Linux and
Mac OS X, so if you want to run Windows under OS X, you can do it!
Bochs, pronounced ‘box’, is one of the top 100 projects on boasting over a million downloads since its inception
on The team is proud to make Bochs, August 2004, project
of the month.

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